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it’s no secret how much i despise this site’s brand of identity politics, and while i always focus on the lgbt related variety, the mental illness side in all its self-indulgent, inherently detrimental glory takes the cake-

we got 13-17 yr olds diagnosing themselves with personality disorders like NPD (relax i am very pro-self diagnosis when done right) due to literal Symptoms Of Being A High Schooler like…..there IS a reason minors can’t technically recieve certain diagnoses, and that reason isn’t ableism- they pass in adulthood. yall have literal kids saying that their desire for attention and dislike of/percieved inferiority of their young peers are cut and dry personality disorder symptoms (hey, i did the same thing at 16-17).

what’s normal and ok is these teenage beliefs/mindsets being phases, what’s completely fucking abnormal and unhealthy is folks rallying around them and encouraging they adopt, and in turn water down, these very heavy labels. what’s abmormal is fostering the belief that these negative aspects of teens’ inherently-volatile and unstable personalities, and dip in empathy, assuring them they’ll be like that forever so no one is allowed to criticize them or offer the wisdom that it’ll VERY LIKELY all pass as their brain development reaches its next stage. as someone who’s fought (since elementary school) for, and retained the debilitating diagnoses ive recieved, but CHOOSES to fight them and better myself even now, into adulthood, it’s very difficult to swallow, and frankly i won’t try.

if you were to give every high schooler a test for all the PDs i assure you a majority of them would “meet” a whole lotta their criteria. test them 10 years down the line you’ll probably see a drastic decrease.

it’s fine for kids to figure themselves out, to be at war with their brains, and cope in the ways they need for the time being. if they find comfort in relating to certain illnesses, so be it. as i said, i went thru that myself. what helps literally no one is a vast community of people, mostly 18+ folks, coddling them while also bein like Don’t Forget You’re Here Forever.

kids - speaking as someone who struggled with depression as a teenager - my psychiatrist [and i did see one] refused to have me diagnosed with depression until I hit 21

and the reason was that of course you’re moods are a mess, of course, you’re tired, of course, you don’t know up from down

your body is a mess, it doesn’t know what it’s doing - that’s puberty

during puberty your brain goes into overdrive producing hormones it needs and ones it think it’s needs and some just for kicks, combined with that you’re body image is shot because you can’t predict what it’s going to do from one day to the next, and you start to suffer with social pressure about what to do with your body - like shaving, treating break outs, acne, your hair can’t decide if it wants to grow at light speed or not at all, and might do it in patches, your circadian rhythm shifts so you want to sleep all day and stay awake all night, and when you do sleep it’s poorly so you’re exhausted 

and all of this is perfectly normal

during puberty your brain chemistry is exactly like having clinical depression because your body is playing wheel of fortune with your chemo signals

and then when you pass out of puberty a lot of the terrible things you suffer go away - you’re not outgrowing a mental illness, your body finally figures out how to work

that doesn’t mean you don’t have a mental illness, it means your body isn’t sure what the hell it’s doing and is running around like Dexter with his hair on fire

and there is things you can do to try and level it off - birth control is great for levelling your hormone production, ask your doctor about st johns wort and oil of evening primrose [both of which are available over the counter] which might help, yoga does help - it won’t fix it, vitamin d and exercise do help

but basically right now your body is a cauldron of hormone soup and most of what you’re feeling is normal - awful, but normal

mental illness in children and teens does exist but this is important too

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